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 We, CARNIVAL READY LLC are producing a program called “ROAD READY – SEASON 1” (the “Program”). The Program, a reality TV series intended for initial broadcast on youtube. 


Sensitive Information 


The nature of the Program involves us obtaining and using certain information from you and other sources (as set out in our Privacy Notice) which may be sensitive in nature concerning your mental health your physical fitness and health, your sex life, your sexual orientation, your political opinions / your religion, your race and your criminal history (which may include allegations, on-going proceedings and/or convictions), together “Sensitive Information”. 


Purpose, Use & Sharing of Sensitive Information 


Your Sensitive Information will be processed for certain purposes and shared internally and externally, strictly on a need to know basis, as further described below and in our Privacy Notice: 


Suitability to participate and wellbeing 

We may ask you for certain Sensitive Information to help us to find and cast suitable contributors; as part of our duty of care and health and safety obligations to Program participants and others (for example, to help us to protect your health and wellbeing and/or to consider the provision of reasonable support, where appropriate); and/or for insurance purposes. We may also carry out Google and social media background checks. 

Where we ask you to self-disclose your criminal history, you do not have to disclose any spent criminal convictions but we encourage you to do so if you want us to take such information into account in respect of your suitability for the Program and/or your wellbeing. 

Where we require you to undergo health assessments and/or need to share Sensitive Information with independent health practitioners, we will get consent from you separately for this. 

For Program Content / Footage Given the nature of the Program, if you take part in it, some footage of you and/or about you may be sensitive in nature and/or it may involve questions or discussions (on or off screen) with you and/or with others about you covering topics relating to Sensitive Information about you. This Sensitive Information may be used by us for the purposes of preparing, making and/or exploiting the Program and as part of the editorial content included in the Program.

If you do not want to provide consent, want to withdraw consent or have any questions about how this information will be used, please contact us at Where relevant, you will need to write separately to any third parties to withdraw consent from them. Please note however, that not providing consent, or withdrawing consent, may potentially have an impact on your continued involvement in the selection process for the Program and, if applicable, participation in the Program and, depending on the circumstances, we may still be able to use your sensitive information despite withdrawal of consent, for example, where we believe such use to be in the public interest, including for journalistic or artistic purposes.
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